./mach pancakes! && ./mach climb-big-hill

One of the big perks that comes with an Outreachy internship is a conference travel stipend for participants to attend a relevant event either during or in the year following their internship period. When I started investigating my options, I stumbled across ScotlandJS early on and knew almost immediately that I had hit the jackpot.… Continue reading ./mach pancakes! && ./mach climb-big-hill

New Motto: Perfect is the Enemy of Good

  My week-three lesson turned out to be “never be afraid to change your mind.” To recap: After overzealous research on a Friday into the “perfect” tools 🙄 to build my next-bug application, I decided to use a MEVN stack. However, upon sitting down at my desk the following Monday and firing up MDN Web… Continue reading New Motto: Perfect is the Enemy of Good